When it comes to fitness and sports activities, during your stay at Sovereign Beach Hotel, you'll find so many activities to engage in and keep your energy levels high while keeping fit. Our spacious Fitness Center is fitted with modern gym gear and equipment so that you have everything you need for your warm-up routine, as well as for a more intensive work out, should you like to keep up with your full-fitness program! 

What is more, we have created two special places for all of you sports aficionados where you will exercise and have fun, indulging in your favorite sport! There is a tennis court where you may train and compete with others, keeping fit while enjoying a good game, but if tennis is not your sport, the mini-football pitch is perfect for getting a kick out of a good football game. Enjoy your fun football moments with friends or family, improving your skills or just relaxing with a few passes and kicks. 

Last but not least, if you are into water sports, you will find water sports facilities down at our private beach where you may have some aquatic fun doing your favorite water sport, or even get off to a flying start, taking lessons and practicing the water sport of your choice!
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